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Al-Mazaya'' inaugurates ''Mazaya Logistics'' Project in Bahrain Investment Wharf

"Al-Mazaya'' inaugurates ''Mazaya Logistics'' Project in Bahrain Investment Wharf

Malhas: The Project was accomplished within 7 Months at BD 7 Million Cost

Al Sultan: Engaging Mazaya at the Logistics Sector interprets the Diversity of its RS Business Sectors


  • Al-Mazaya completes the project within the set deadline, launching huge lease promotion campaign.
  • The project consists of industrial units well designed to serve strategic and viable locations in Bahrain.

Manama: 13 May 2015

Al-Mazaya Holdings yesterday 13th of May 2015, held a press conference to announce the inauguration of the ''Mazaya Logistics'' Project, located in Bahrain Investment Wharf. The inauguration ceremony was held at the project site, in the presence of the Chairman of the Board Mr. Rashid Al-Nafisi, Al Mazaya Holding Chairman, Eng. Ibrahim Al-Soqabi, Group CEO, Mr. Amin Al Arrayed, Managing Director of Majaal Warehouse Company, and a huge audience of RS, logistics specialists and media.

The ceremony included a tour at the project, introducing the industrial units ready for lease with contemporary, flexible designs and at competitive prices. The project is designed to serve multiple purposes including warehouses, offices, industry and workshops.

Al Sultan elaborated: ''Mazaya Logistics'' Project interprets the diversity and expansion of the Al-Mazaya investment portfolio across different sectors, resting on its rooted experience in RS, adding logistics to the residential, medical, commercial, office, management and accommodation sectors the company serves''. Al Sultan emphasized that Mazaya chose Bahrain to be the first destination to set its logistics project, preparing to launch thereafter to additional local, regional and international markets, reflecting the company’s vision to introduce quality projects that mirror its registered trademark and build on its added value in the real-estate market.

He added that Al-Mazaya has developed a clear plan consisting of five projects to be distributed in the GCCs and Middle East region, while strictly adhering to its firm policy of meeting the set project deadlines and budgets.

Al Sultan concluded his speech by extending thanks and gratitude to the press and media for their continued support throughout Al-Mazaya’s success.

Al-Arrayed added that Majaal Warehouse Company has previously executed three similar projects in the same location which were fully leased, reflecting the Company's quality experience in this domain.

He concluded by pointing to the recent agreement finalized with Al-Mazaya Holdings covering the Lease, Collection and RS Management services.

During the press conference, Eng. Salwa Nabil Malhas, Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer, delivered a presentation highlighting the latest financial and operational developments Mazaya has fulfilled. Malhas went on to elaborate on the detailed features of the "Mazaya Logistics'' Project, constructed on a 27,605 m² span, consisting of industrial units of different leased areas exceeding 15,250 m² optimally located in Bahrain Investment Wharf. "Mazaya Logistics'' is one of the most viable projects in Bahrain, being an integrated project system smartly divided into varied sectors designed to meet multiple industrial and investment requirements.

Malhas elaborated on the main strategic features of the project location, well situated adjacent to Bahrain Airport on the main highway leading to the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia, serving as a perfect choice for investors and businessmen.

She added that integrating this project within the Al-Mazaya investment portfolio adds to the diversity of its income generating sources, promising attractive and long-term returns to the Company.

Al-Mazaya Holdings initiated the development of the project in May 2014 and systemically completed it in Dec 2014, pursuing a 7 months execution period – a significant accomplishment considering the scale and aspirations of the project. Al-Mazaya is currently promoting the lease of the 42 industrial units of the project, divided into different areas ranging from 250 - 500 m², sometimes extending to 15,250 m²/coupon to meet the varied requirements of segments wanting the lease.

Malhas added that the project is perfectly designed to fit workshops, industrial activities, offices and company uses. The industrial units of the project have been further licensed, holding independent civil plates qualifying each unit to operate a variety of activities offering flexible, secured and well-maintained design concepts available on an hourly basis.

Malhas concluded by extending her thanks and gratitude to Bahrain Investment Wharf for their continuance support and for hosting the ceremony event at their head quarter, Majaal Warehouse Company for successfully developing this project, Kuwaiti Manager Contracting Company, Unanimi Architects, HAJ Quantity Surveyor and BoQs.

The press conference was concluded with a ribbon cutting ceremony inaugurating the project, announcing the official opening of "Mazaya Logistics" by Al Mazaya Holding Chairman, Group CEO and all attendees.


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