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 The real estate market is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic markets in the global scenario, and Al Mazaya Holding Company ensures that you remain updated about the latest developments and trends in the property market. We invite you to browse through our exhaustive media library to know more about global and regional markets so that you are in a position to make informed decisions when it comes to your property investments.

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05-November-2020 Mazaya Holding Board of Directors discussed and approved the Interim Condensed Consolidated Information for the fiscal period ending 30/09/2020. Download
01-November-2020 Al Mazaya Holding Company Board of Directors will meet on Wednesday 04/11/2020 to discuss the interim consolidated financial information for the period ended 30/09/2020. Download
11-October-2020 Commentary on unusual trading on Al Mazaya Holding Company share . Download
21-September-2020 Commentary on Unusual trading on Al Mazaya Holding Company share K.S.C.P (Holding). Download
27-August-2020 Capital Markets Authority approval to allow the company to purchase or sell not more than 10% of its shares Download
12-August-2020 Interim Condensed Consolidated Financial Information for The Period Ended at 31/03/2020 & 30/06/2020 For Mazaya Holding Co. Download
09-August-2020 Board of directors meeting will be held on Wednesday 12/08/2020 to discuss the interim consolidated financial information for Q1 & Q2 2020 . Download
01-July-2020 Adopting a package of incentives aimed at supporting Real Estate Investors and Tenant Download
18-June-2020 A Lawsuit disclosure Download
10-May-2020 A subsidiary of Al Mazaya Holding Co. in UAE has signed a sale agreement of one of its Real Estate properties in Dubai. Download
04-April-2020 There is no relationship between Al Mazaya Holding Company KSC (Holding) and NMC Healthcare Group or its sister companies. Download
30-January-2020 AGM for Al Mazaya Holding Co. will be held on Thursday 20/02/2020 Download
29-January-2020 Annual Consolidated Financial Statements for the Year Ended at 31/12/2019 For Al Mazaya Holding Co. Download
22-January-2020 Al Mazaya Holding Company board of directors will be held on 29/01/2020 to discuss the annual financial statements for the Year ended 31/12/2019 Download
20-January-2020 Change in interest of Al Mazya Holding Company In the shares of First Dubai Real Estate Co. exceeded half percent Download
20-January-2020 Annual disclosure of major shareholders whose ownership reaches 5% or more From the capital of Al Mazaya Holding Co. Download
06-January-2020 The insider's disclosure form of the listed company or the parent company. Download