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Al-Mazaya Holdings held a ceremony to honor its management and employees on the goals achieved in 2014

  • Arriving at the peak is not a difficult task when it's well planned. Yet, the challenge is to remain on the peak.  
  • Company goals were never to materialize without the collaboration existing between the executive team and Mazaya workforce.
  • Mazaya success sets an example for other real-estate companies in Kuwait and the region.
  • The intimate family sense existing amongst Mazaya workforce motivated the team fulfilling its success and current status.
  • The achievements materializing in 2014 lay more responsibility on the shoulders of management to maintain and even excel beyond this position.
  • Mazaya successfully accessed the Turkish market, established a Turkish company: "Mazaya-Turkey Real-Estate Investment" and assigned a CEO to the Company.
  • Mazaya successfully launched four projects in 2014 in Kuwait and other locations abroad.

In an intimate and cheerful setting, Al-Mazaya Holdings held a ceremony to honor its management and employees on the goals achieved in 2014. The ceremony was held with the presence of the Chairman of the Board Mr./Rashid Al-Nafisi and CEO Eng./Ibrahim Al-Saqa'bi aiming to flourish casual and cordial spirit and raise the level of brotherly relationships between the management and the employees regarding their efforts and pushing the company performance forwards.  

Al-Saqa'bi launched the ceremony celebrating the company achievements fulfilled in 2014 starting from the financial leap exceeding KD 8 million net profits at 13.05 per-share profits resting on the successful operations management and income generating projects which better cement the company resources and assets.

The second milestone Al-Saqa'bi prescribed was the access to the Turkish market and establishment of the Turkish company; "Mazaya-Turkey Real-Estate Investment". Moreover, most of Mazaya projects inside and outside Kuwait are almost fully occupied; similarly its project in Bahrain and Dubai are successfully completed.

The third milestone in the speech by Al-Saqa'bi was the launch of four new projects in Kuwait and other locations abroad mainly the quality residence project to be constructed on the company-owned land at Al-Mawaleh (Seeb District) in Muscat; the four stylish new buildings in Dubai at (Dubai Land), the contemporary new medical center at Sabah Salim and the company partnership in the Turkish Project.

Al-Saqa'bi concluded proudly stating Al-Mazaya is prepared to face the 2015 challenges. Yet, God willing, we are looking forward to achieve parallel results and to excel beyond what we have so far achieved in 2014. During the ceremony, Al-Saqa'bi honored valuable employees, distributed achievement awards and prizes regarding the efforts exerted during 2014.

Employees appreciated the positive gesture of the company in successfully meeting their requirements, keeping close contact with them and solving their issues. Mazaya employees stressed this ceremony sustains intimacy and brotherhood amongst them and serves as a viable motivation for them to better serve their company and contribute to achieve its goals.  

Chairman of the Board Mr./Rashid Al-Nafisi also launched the ceremony welcoming the audience and thanking them for their efforts excreted in 2014. Al-Nafisi stated company goals were never to materialize without the collaboration existing between the executive team and workforce and wished all employees will simultaneously achieve their professional and personal goals.

Al-Saqa'bi delivered a live presentation illustrating in depth the works achieved by multiple company departments extending his thanks to the executive officials, all employees while special thanks were extended to the Board members for their leadership, planning and support. Al-Saqa'bi also stressed Mazaya employees are the living spirit of the company and are the core to its success.

He added: "today we gather here manifesting our appreciation for each individual effort contributing to affix the name of our company on the peak of the real-estate world. The true value each employee holds in Mazaya may never be fairly weighted rather, our gathering here is symbolic to regard our employees with gratitude and express their significance and contribution to the success Mazaya has so far achieved".Al-Saqa'bi elaborated: "the evaluation of our employees solely rests on their skills and efforts exerted. We are one team at Mazaya from top management to first line employees. I'm glad we had this celebration and I'm very positive holding such events add to the friendly and close relations available amongst Mazaya team and we shall not spare any effort upgrading our employees both on their professional and personal sides".


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