Al Mazaya Holding Company is the result of an idea for investment taken to its logical conclusion. Thinking big, creating high value and earning, as well as growing and maintaining the trust of big-time investors in the Kuwaiti market and abroad, have been the hallmark of Al Mazaya. We provide a wide range of real estate products and services across the spectrum, from purchasing, apportionment and developing of large areas in select zones to offering ready-to-use residential and commercial spaces. 

Mr. Rashid Y. Al Nafisi


Educational Background

Received his Bachelors in Commerce Emphasis in (Accounting) from the Faculty of Commerce, Economics & Political Science - Kuwait University.

Work Experience

In more than 41 years of business administration, real estate development and management, Mr. Rashid Al Nafisi has a track record of diverse achievements. The multiple roles he has taken on over the past decades underline the breadth of his scientific and practical experience, as well as his distinct management skills. He has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Al Nafisi United Group and the Director of Real Estate Loans Administration at the Kuwait Real Estate Bank. He has also served on the board of a number of companies and banks, including the Commercial Bank of Kuwait, Loan Committee, Kuwait Asia bank, Kuwait Airways Corporation, Mazaya Qatar Real Estate Company and board member of Majan development Company. Mr. Rashid Al Nafisi was also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Investments Company. And where he has a long history, he is currently engaged in entrepreneurial activities in the field of real estate development, contracting and private business management, and the position of Mr. Rashid Y. Al Nafisi Chairman of Al Mazaya Holding Company since its inception.