The value of Al Mazaya Holding Company’s projects add up to around USD 2 billion, and our portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from exclusive villa communities and plush residential apartments to state-of-the-art commercial spaces, including office, business and healthcare. Our interests extend to all parts of the G.C.C. region including Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman and Lebanon, a testimony to our continued vertical as well as lateral growth.


Baalchamy lands zone E located in the border of Dhoor Al Obadiah Overlooking to the panoramic view of the Lebanese summering areas and It is next to Bhamdoun، The views from the eastern areas of Hamana ،Falougha and Qrnaal، From the west it is completely nearby Dhour Al Obadiah area، Limits the property from the south Al Obadiah project ,Al Hariri project and Al Harb Project they are mostly owned by Kuwaitis، the region is considered one of the most important of the Gulf summering areas.

Baalchamy lands containing 12 plots with a total of 65,390 sqm (Residential).


plan & layout

location map

Baalchmay Lebanon