Al Maathar

 The value of Al Mazaya Holding Company’s projects add up to around USD 2 billion, and our portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from exclusive villa communities and plush residential apartments to state-of-the-art commercial spaces, including office, business and healthcare. Our interests extend to all parts of the G.C.C. region including Kuwait, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Oman and Lebanon, a testimony to our continued vertical as well as lateral growth.

Al Maathar

The project is located in one of the most important commercial streets in the city of Riyadh, where the majority of banks and investment companies in the city are based. This part of the city of Riyadh is its economic heart, so it is particularly desirable for companies looking to have offices in the region. The sector of commercial properties in Riyadh is witnessing particularly great demand, supported by the increasing interest of the expanding local companies as well as new offshore companies seeking offices in KSA in general and Riyadh in particular.

The tower is in a complex of three towers with a unique design and architectural features – widely considered a landmark in the vicinity. The tower consist of G + 9 floors, all with flexible floor plates that could be subdivided into two or three offices, and has an efficiency of 78% which reflects the intelligence of the design.

The main facade overlooks a main road and the treatment of this façade is suitable for the intention of aggressive marketing of Mazaya Saudi.

plan & layout