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Eng. Ibrahim Al Soqabi, MBA

Group CEO

Educational Background

Holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from George Washington University, DC, USA, and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Maastricht University. He has further participated in several Executive Training Programs provided by Harvard Business School and INSEAD.

Work Experience

Over all, he possesses a cumulative practical experience of 19 years, diversified among the fields of Civil Engineering, Project and Construction Management, Risk Analysis, Enterprise and Corporate Governance, Compliance; however, most notably, his strategic and leading role as a Chief Executive Officer during the past 10 years. Mr. Al Soqabi was successful in transforming a pioneering Kuwaiti contracting company into a Holding entity (Kuwaiti Manager Company – subsidiary of Kuwait Finance House), thus encompassing under numerous subsidiaries through both inorganic and organic growths, which have been undertaking several activities at the local, regional and international markets, such as Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) States, Turkey, and Hong Kong. Currently, he holds the Group CEO position for Mazaya Holding, a leading Real Estate Development Company, with multiple successful subsidiaries, not only focusing on the GCC market, but extending well into other geographical settings. The introduced strategy and business plan which have been in implementation for the past 4 years, have yielded a compounded annual growth rate of 20% in terms of net profit. Mr. Al Soqabi held several board positions in reputable listed companies such as First Dubai Real Estate, Kuwaiti Manager Co. for Contracting, Baitek Real Estate, Al Enma’ Real Estate (ERESCO), Al Tijaria Commercial Real Estate, and Al Masaken Real Estate. He is currently the Chairman of Mazaya Real Estate Development Co., KSC.